Batterlicious™ was founded on tradition and pure passion for dough-liciousness.

For generations our family, like many others, did most of our bonding in the kitchen, and what better to bond over than sweets! Baking cookies was always such a joyful event in our home, that is, if any of the batter made it to the oven.

After years and years of being told not to eat the cookie dough raw, we have now changed history for kids all over the world! Our edible, bakeable, and irresistible cookie dough is a way for our family to share our tradition with every other family, minus the mess or tummy ache and adding even more yum to every spoonful!

You can enjoy our gourmet cookie dough right out of the jar or bake some delicious cookies, or even a little bit of both. Best of all, our eggless dough contains no added preservatives.  No matter how you do it, we know each bite will bring joy, love, laughter, and a little bit of our home to yours. Enjoy!